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Impulse Accelerated Technologies, Inc.

Partner Information

High-Performance Design Services from Impulse Accelerated, an SDAccel-certified Xilinx Alliance Member. We have helped over 500 teams optimize their design for FPGA. We work in SDAccel, C, OpenCL, VHDL and more.

Impulse offers timely completion or “tuning” of high performance designs (HPC) to your specification or performance goals. We excel at embedded, System on Chip and HPC designs that operate to speed, while minimizing the logic and thereby the power used in an FPGA. Our design domains include Image, Signal and Data processing. We have mil and industrial clients. Impulse works with your team, under NDA. We provide well tested, fully integrated, fully documented, royalty-free solutions. Founded in Washington State by members of Data I/O’s original ABEL team. We can even develop board support packages (BSPs) to enable easy software access to FPGA and board hardware features.

A typical workflow entails:
PROFILE code to identify bottlenecks that may best accelerate via offloading to FPGA. Architect and partition efficiently between CPU, FPGA, on-chip processors, external memory and more. Compile to FPGA and/or other resources, often while maintaining a "golden model" which works on alternate processing elements
OPTIMIZE and debug functionality to ensure equivalence. Refactor for size efficiency, reduced power and optimal use of specific FPGA resources
INTEGRATE the solution including test in software, simulate hardware, test in target hardware and create test suites. Create documentation and provide full training. Optionally create BSPs and interfaces to COTS or customer provided hardware
Let us help refactor and offload your CPU code to FPGA. Contact info@ImpulseAccelerated.com to get started

Key Offerings

  • Design Services for High Performance


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Products and Services

  • Design Service

Market Segments

  • Computing & Data Processing
  • Datacenter
  • Defense/Aerospace
  • Industrial Scientific Medical
  • Test & Measurement
Impulse Accelerated Technologies, Inc.




Bellevue, WA US (Headquarters)