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OSE Embedded RTOS

  • 产品编号: DPP.XKRN.ZYNQ
  • 供应商: Enea Software AB
  • 联盟计划等级: Member


Enea OSE is an RTOS optimized for high performance, distributed, fault-tolerant applications. It is compact and robust, designed for applications where failure isn't an option. Whether 99.999% high availability uptime is required, near bare-metal performance is demanded, or a fully-featured RTOS complete with multiple file systems, protocol stacks and a robust ecosystem is necessary, OSE is the choice of some of the leading telecom, aerospace, medical and automotive companies in the world.


  • Small and efficient with predictable, fault-tolerant, realtime multicore systems
  • Advanced networking and security features, including a selection of IP stacks
  • Optimized for complex homogeneous and heterogeneous distributed support and networking protocols
  • Demand paging support for optimizing RAM usage
  • Power management with low-power sleep mode
  • Dynamic run-time program loading
  • Multiple file system choices