Digital Logic Infrastructure

Get the latest infrastructure for developing digital logic courses using Xilinx technology. Select and obtain software tools and University boards for the lab. Attend a Professor workshop to get you up to speed. Use Xilinx IP cores, getting started materials, and academic partner materials for developing lab exercises.

Select Development Tools for the Lab

  • Install the latest full version of Xilinx development tools in your lab.
  • Obtain embedded tools from XUP alliance members

Select a University Board

Get Started with Xilinx Technology

  • Refer to Support Resources
    • Access online Documentation, Tutorials, Webcasts, Discussion Forums, and more.
    • Professors may submit online webcases for technical issues
  • Professors may register to attend the FPGA Design Flow workshop to get up to speed with the ISE Foundation software and latest University boards.
  • Access free Xilinx reference designs

Access Curriculum Resources

  • Access Digital Logic curriculum resources including IP cores, reference designs, links to online University course materials, and more.

Contact XUP

For general questions or comments, please send an email to