Embedded Systems Infrastructure

Get the latest infrastructure for developing embedded systems courses using Xilinx technology. Select and obtain software tools and University boards for the lab. Attend a Professor workshop to get you up to speed. Use Xilinx IP cores, getting started materials, and academic partner materials for developing lab exercises.

Get the latest Development Tools

  • Install the latest full version of Xilinx development tools in your lab
    • EDK (required) - Create MicroBlaze™ or PowerPC® embedded systems targeting Xilinx FPGAs
    • ISE® Design Suite (required) - Generate the bitstream for configuring the FPGA
    • Chipscope™ Pro (optional, but highly recommended) - Debug designs in real-time running on-chip
  • Obtain embedded tools from XUP alliance members

Get a University Board

Get Started with Xilinx Technology

  • Refer to Support Resources
    • Access online Documentation, Tutorials, Webcasts, Discussion Forums, and more.
    • Professors may submit online webcases for technical issues
  • Professors may register to attend the Embedded Design Flow workshop to get up to speed with the ISE Foundation software and latest University boards.
  • Access free Xilinx reference designs

Access Curriculum Resources

Access Embedded Systems curriculum resources including IP cores, reference designs, links to online University course materials, and more.

Contact XUP

For general questions or comments, please send an email to