Netcope Technologies a.s.

  • Certified Alliance Member
  • 计划成员: 2014
  • 认证工程师: 5
    • Brno, CZ (Headquarters)


Netcope Technologies is a leading provider of P4-programmable acceleration for FPGA-based high-performance network appliances.

Our visionary concept of Firmware-as-a-Service enables easy programmability of smart NICs using P4 language without expert knowledge of FPGA technology. Netcope P4 has become the Netcope's flagship and it's a unique way of putting the power of hardware acceleration to the hands of network architects, building SDN and NFV networks of tomorrow. We embrace open source through contributions and membership in P4, DPDK and ONF projects.

The list of Netcope's products would be incomplete without Tradecope, a low-latency trading solution for algorithmic and high-frequency electronic trading with full tick-to-trade pipeline in FPGA.


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