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Embedded Development

Embedded Runtime Software, Development
Platforms, Tools, and Open Source Resources


Xilinx and its Alliance Members deliver embedded tools and runtime environments designed to enable you to efficiently and quickly move from concept to release. We provide you with all the components needed to create your embedded system using Xilinx Zynq® SoC and MPSoC devices, and MicroBlaze™ processor cores, including tools for profiling and debug, open source and bare metal drivers, and multiple runtime & Multi-OS environments.

Out of the box support for advanced features such as security and virtualization software drivers built on our unique Zynq SoC's and MPSoC devices enables you to develop smarter, connected, and differentiated systems.

What's New

Embedded Linux Tools

  • PetaLinux Tools – Download the PetaLinux tools on the Xilinx Download Center
    • Support for GCC 8 series toolchain
    • Host OS Support
      • Red Hat/CentOS  -  7.4, 7.5, 7.6
      • Ubuntu - 16.04.5 LTS, 18.04 LTS
    • BSP Support
      • SP701 (Spartan-7) – Initial board support
      • ZCU1275 (Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC) – Ethernet connectivity via FMC add-in card and TFTP boot support via Uboot
      • ZCU1285 (Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC) – Lounge Access Only

Software Stack Update – Calendar Year 2019

Bootloader and Firmware Updates

  • FSBL Updates
    • Vivado support for DIMM SPD data on Xilinx evaluation boards
    • Use PSU_DYNAMIC_DDR_CONFIG_EN Tcl parameter to enable
  • PMUFW Updates
    • Update to version 1.6
    • PMUFW safety assessment assessments are ongoing with planned completion by July 2019

U-Boot and ARM Trusted Firmware

  • U-Boot Updates
    • USB 3.0 host support
    • Multi-Master I2C support
    • XilSecure-based SHA and RSA operations
    • Flash device updates
Flash Device Density (Mb) Voltage
IS25LP128F 128 3.3
IS25WP128F 128 1.8
IS25LP256D 256 3.3
IS25WP256D 256 1.8
IS25LP512M 512 3.3
IS25WP512M 512 1.8
  • ATF Updates
    • Checksum support for IPI messages
    • Improved API support for clocking infrastructure
    • Expanded runtime detection of devices

Multimedia Frameworks Update

Feature Control
Gstreamer Support
32 simultaneous streams - 480p (Encode & Decode) Yes Yes
VCU Decoder – Dynamic resolution change support Yes No
VCU Encoder – Dynamic resolution change support Yes No
VCU Encoder – Frame skipping support Yes Yes
VCU Encoder – Temporal Layer visual quality improvement (Pyramidal GOP only) Yes Yes
VCU PL DDR Controller support (4KP60, 4-2-2, 10-bit, Simultaneous Encode/Decode) - Public Release Yes Yes
DCI 4K (4096x2160@60fps ) support (-2, -3 speed grades) Yes Yes
NAL Unit insertion support No Yes
Multi-stream Audio+Video Encode/Decode Support No Yes
Capped VBR rate control support Yes Yes

RTOS and Libraries

  • FreeRTOS Updates
    • Update to v10.1.0
  • LwIP Updates
    • Update to v2.1.1

OpenAMP & Xen Updates

  • OpenAMP
    • RPU master support for bare-metal applications
  • Xen Hypervisor
    • Official Dom0-less support
    • Guest-controlled per-device power management (EEMI-based)

MicroBlaze Soft Processor

  • Public release of 64-bit MicroBlaze support
    • Supported throughout the Xilinx ecosystem
    • Bare-metal and FreeRTOS BSPs

Updates for Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC

  • Tools Support
    • Full Vivado and XSDK support for Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen2 and Gen3
    • RF Data Converter Evaluation Tool support
    • RF Analyzer support
    • Power Advantage Tool support
  • Runtime Software Support
    • API support for dither toggle
    • SDFEC Linux kernel drivers upstreaming has begun
OS & Middleware

Xilinx and its ecosystem of Alliance Members provides customers with multiple software options including Linux, Real Time Operating System (RTOS), bare-metal, and even hypervisors and TrustZone-enabled solutions for safety and security. The tables below summarize the Xilinx software ecosystem within three main categories: Linux, Real-time Operating Systems, and Hypervisors and AMP.


Linux is the most prevalent operating system used by Xilinx products. Xilinx provides the PetaLinux tools for a turn-key Linux development environment, as well as source code and Yocto recipe files from our GIT so that Linux support for Xilinx silicon can be supported by in-house build systems or 3rd party tools.

  Zynq-7000 SoC Support Zynq UltraScale+ APU Support Zynq UltraScale+ RPU Support MicroBlaze Support
Linux, uBoot, more (Xilinx GIT)  
Yocto/OpenEmbedded support  
PetaLinux tools  
Arch Linux ARM      
Ubuntu Linux Learn More Learn More    
Android Download here    
Commercial Solutions  
Enea Linux      
Mentor Embedded Linux    
Star Lab Crucible    
Suse Linux      

RTOS and Bare-metal

Operating System Safety Certifiable Zynq-7000 Support Zynq UltraScale+ APU Support Zynq UltraScale+ RPU Support MicroBlaze Support
Xilinx Stand-alone (bare metal) Environment and Xilinx Software Development Kit (SDK)  
eSol eT-kernel    
ENEA OSE   Contact Partner  
Etas RTA-OS      
Express Logic X-WARE IoT PLATFORM powered by THREADX
Green Hills Software INTEGRITY    
LynxOS 7.0 Contact Partner Contact Partner    
Mentor Nucleus Contact Partner
Micrium uC/OS-II
Micrium uC/OS-III  
Segger embOS        
Wittenstein OpenRTOS   Contact Partner Contact Partner Contact Partner
Wittenstein SafeRTOS Contact Partner Contact Partner

AMP and Multi-OS Solutions

Xilinx provides its customers and partners with key technologies, documentation and support to enable advanced, multi-OS system designs on our products. Offerings available from our ecosystem include:

Development Platforms

Hardware and Virtual Development Platforms

Xilinx Targeted Design Platforms include all the hardware, tools, IP, cables and power supplies necessary for an immediate start of system design, software and firmware development, and hardware design.

Featured Board and Kits
Xilinx Zynq-7000 ZC706 Evaluation Kit The Zynq-7000 SoC ZC706 Evaluation Ki includes all the basic components of hardware, design tools, IP, and pre-verified reference designs including a targeted design, enabling a complete embedded processing platform and transceiver based designs including PCIe®. The included pre-verified reference designs and industry-standard FPGA Mezzanine Connectors (FMC) allow scaling and customization with daughter cards.
Xilinx Zynq-7000 ZC702 Evaluation Kit The Zynq-7000 SoC ZC702 Evaluation Kit includes all the basic components of hardware, design tools, IP, and pre-verified reference designs including a targeted design, enabling a complete embedded processing platform. The included pre-verified reference designs and industry-standard FPGA Mezzanine Connectors (FMC) allow scaling and customization with daughter cards.
Virtual Development Platforms
Virtual System Platform The Zynq-7000 SoC Virtual Platform, created by Cadence®, complements traditional hardware-based work flows by hardware-independent software development on operating system ports, device drivers, Board Support Packages (BSP), and applications. The Cadence virtual platform is best for development and debug of a multicore operating system or application code, device drivers, Board Support Packages, and where models of custom programmable logic IP or on-board devices are desired.
Mentor Vista Virtual Prototyping The Vista™ Virtual Prototyping kit for Zynq-7000 provides an early accurate functional model of the hardware to software engineers even before the hardware is available. It can run software on embedded processor models at speeds on-par with actual hardware.
QEMU Included with the PetaLinux tools is an Open Source QEMU model supporting both Zynq-7000 SoC processing subsystem and MicroBlaze devices.
Development Resources

The Xilinx Software Development Kit (SDK), SDSoC™ development environment, and Ecosystem Partner tools offer a wide choice of development environments that enable SoC-like C/C++ programming of the Zynq and MPSoC platforms.

Xilinx Software Environments

Ecosystem Software Development and Tools

Xilinx products are supported by comprehensive set of open source resources to develop, boot, run, debug and maintain your Linux based application for a Xilinx SoC or emulation platform. We offer example applications, Kernel configurations, Yocto recipes, Multiprocessing and Real-time solutions, device drivers and Linux open source developer will find familiar sources, tools, and support forums to learn, develop and interact with others of like interests, needs and passion.

Training & Support

Xilinx offers designers a full suite of training and support options for their Zynq® and MPSoC applications to include design methodologies, video tutorials, developer's forums, Wiki, on-line-support, design services, FAQs and Blogs to insure the your application gets to market on time.

Design Service Partners

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