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Vivado Design Suite HLx Editions - Accelerating High Level Design

Vivado® Design Suite HLx Editions include Partial Reconfiguration at no additional cost with the Vivado HL Design Edition and HL System Edition. In-warranty users can regenerate their licenses to gain access to this feature. Partial Reconfiguration is available for Vivado WebPACK™ edition at a reduced price.

The new HLx editions supply design teams with the tools and methodology needed to leverage C-based design and optimized reuse, IP sub-system reuse, integration automation and accelerated design closure. When coupled with the UltraFast™ High-Level Productivity Design Methodology Guide, this unique combination is proven to accelerate productivity by enabling designers to work at a high level of abstraction while facilitating design reuse.

  • 4X Faster Implementation
  • 20% Better Design Density
  • Up to 3-Speedgrade Performance Advantage for the low-end & mid-range and 35% Power Advantage in the high-end
What's New

Now available in the Vivado® Design Suite HLx Editions 2018.3 Release

Download Vivado Design Suite 2018.3 now, with support for:

  • Virtex UltraScale+ 58G ES1 devices:- XCVU27P, XCVU29P
  • Virtex UltraScale+ HBM: XCVU31P, XCVU33P, XCVU35P, XCVU37P
  • Vivado Features:
    • QoR Improvements - 3% higher Fmax and 2x faster router compile times than 2018.1 (UltraScale+)
    • Easily compare report results across runs or run steps
    • New AXI-transaction based waveform viewer
    • Diff block diagrams for easier version control
    • Early timing closure analysis with Report QoR Analysis        
  • IP Subsystems/Cores:
    • Wireless: New 10G and 25G Radio over Ethernet Framer 
      • eCPRI Example Design
      • NGFI IEEE 1914.3 support
    • Wireless: New 25G Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) for 802.1CM
    • Wired: 400G, 200G, 100G and 50G Ethernet support for US+ 58G GTMs
    • HBM analysis cockpit available through HW debugger
    • Video IP: All HLS Video Processing cores are now license free and come installed with Vivado (VPSS, Video Mixer, Video TPG, Frame Buffer WR/RD, Gamma LUT, Demosaic, VTC.  Two new cores for Scene Change detection and Multi output scaler
  • Embedded Software:
    • PetaLinux switch to standalone XSCT infrastructure
    • More robust multimedia infrastructure, including audio support
    • New license removes device restriction
    • Xen Hypervisor upgraded to Xen 4.11
    • Support for 64-bit memory addressing in MicroBlaze
  • Production Devices:
    • Defense-Grade Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC:- XQZU21DR (-1M), XQZU28DR (-1M, -1, -1LV, -1L, -2)
    • Defense-Grade Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs:- XQZU3EG( -1M, -1, -1LV, -1L, -2), XQZU9EG ( -1M, -1, -1LV, -1L, -2)

Read about all of this and more in the Vivado 2018.3 release notes.

For latest trends to accelerate your productivity, check out the Vivado Expert Blog



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The Vivado® Design Suite offers a new approach for ultra-high productivity with next generation C/C++ and IP-based design. When coupled with the new UltraFast™ High-Level Productivity Design Methodology Guide, users can realize a 10-15X productivity gain over traditional approaches. The Vivado HLx Editions are:

  • Vivado HL Design Edition: Includes Partial Reconfiguration and Vivado High-Level Synthesis
  • Vivado HL System Edition: All features of the Design Edition plus System Generator for DSP
  • Vivado HL WebPACK™ Edition: no-cost, device-limited version of the Vivado HL Design Edition
  • Vivado Lab Edition: Smaller footprint, easy to install in lab environments, including all programming and debug capabilities in the full Design Edition

Download a 30-day Evaluation and get started today!

Vivado Design Suite - HLx Editions

Vivado Design Suite - HLx Edition Features Vivado HL Design Edition Vivado HL System Edition Vivado Lab Edition Vivado HL WebPACK Edition (Device Limited) Free 30-day Evaluation
Accelerating Implementation
Synthesis and Place and Route  
Partial Reconfiguration   *
Accelerating Verification
Vivado Simulator  
Vivado Device Programmer
Vivado Logic Analyzer
Vivado Serial I/O Analyzer
Accelerating High Level Design
Vivado High-Level Synthesis  
Vivado IP Integrator  
System Generator for DSP *   *
Model Composer * *   *  

* Can be purchased as an option.

HL Design Edition

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HL System Edition

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Node-Locked vs Floating?
Getting Started

Training Courses

Xilinx hands-on FPGA and Embedded Design training provides you the foundational knowledge necessary to begin designing right away. These programs target both engineers new to FPGA technology and experienced engineers developing complex connectivity, digital signal processing, or embedded solutions. Contact your local Sales Rep or Authorized Training Provider to see if your company has any Training Credits available. Learn more

Vivado QuickTake Video Tutorials

Xilinx is developing QuickTake Video Tutorials in order to assist our users in making the transition from the ISE software tools to the Vivado® Design Suite. This entire solution is brand new, so we can't rely on previous knowledge of the technology. Xilinx recognizes that not everyone has the time to read through the User Guide or perform software interactive tutorials. Learn more


Vivado HLx Editions QuickTake Video Tutorials

Vivado QuickTake videos take a deep dive into the Vivado® HLx Editions giving you individualized videos on topics ranging from installation and licensing, to design flow overview, high-level synthesis and beyond. Created  by the Vivado development and expert team, Vivado QuickTake tutorials provide on-demand content and helpful tips & tricks – all at your fingertips.

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