Create a Licensing File to Enable Software

This section describes the steps to obtain a license for the SDx™ development environment. The software tools and IP product entitlements you have purchased are presented as selectable options in a table to include for licensing.
  1. To create or manage your licenses, go to Product Licensing.

    If prompted to, sign in with your credentials and confirm any necessary information to continue.

  2. Under Certificate Based Licenses, select an environment product license.

    Note: The table displays options based on what licenses you have purchased or redeemed. Xilinx also offers an evaluation license for the SDSoC development environment, which you can see in your available license list.
  3. After selecting the environment, generate a license.

    A new window is displayed where you define the product and system that you are generating the license for.

  4. Under System Information, click Select a host, and then click Add a host.

  5. Enter information about the host.

    1. Enter a host name.
    2. For Operating System, select Windows 64-bit or Linux 64-bit.
    3. Select the host identification type.
    4. Enter the Host ID.

      The easiest way to obtain the Host ID of your machine is to run Xilinx® License Configuration Manager on the machine you want to license.

    5. Click Add.
  6. Accept the licensing agreement.

    You will receive an email from with the license file, which you must save to your machine.

  7. To enable the software, set the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to point to the location of the license file on your system.