Target Platform

In the Vitis software platform, the application running environment is referred to as the target platform. The target platform is a combination of hardware components (XSA) and software components (domains, boot components like FSBL and so on).

A platform project is a customizable target platform in a workspace. In a platform project, you can add, modify, or remove domains. You can also enable, disable, and modify boot components. It can be as simple as a standalone BSP for Cortex™-A53, or it can be a combination of different kinds of runtime configurations for Cortex-A53, Cortex-R5F, and MicroBlaze processors. This section explains how to create a hardware design and use that hardware design to create an application platform.

In the Vitis software platform, the hardware (XSA) and domains are referred to as the platform. A platform is a combination of hardware (XSA) and software (BSPs, boot components like FSBL, etc.) components. BSP or OS are referred to as domains in the platform. Each domain can have settings of one processor or a cluster of isomorphism processors, for example, Linux on 4x Cortex-A53. A platform can contain unlimited domains.