XDF Frankfurt Presentations 

Keynote and General Session

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Ivo Bolsens
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Xilinx Building the Adaptable, Intelligent World  
Kirk Saban
Vice President, Product & Technical Marketing
Xilinx Disruptive Innovation  

Versal Overview

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Sumit Shah
Director of Silicon Product Marketing and Management
Xilinx Introducing the Versal Architecture  
Ambrose Finnerty
Xilinx DSP Technical Marketing Manager
Xilinx Versal: AI Engine & Programming Environment  


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Vinay Singh
Sr. Director, Software Solutions and Platform Marketing
Xilinx State of FPGA-based Acceleration  
Thomas Bollaert
Senior Director, SW Applications
Xilinx Fundamentals of FPGA based Acceleration  
Kamran Khan
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, AI and Machine Learning
Xilinx Accelerating AI in Datacenters: Xilinx ML Suite  
Ian Jefferson
VP Worldwide Business Development
NGCodec Economic value of better compression  
Fabio Murra
SVP Product & Marketing
V-Nova PERSEUS Plus HEVC the first single-FPGA real-time 4Kp60 encoder  
Prasanna Sukumar
Head of Engineering
rENIAC Accelerating databases with FPGAs  
Felix Winterstein
Xelera Accelerating Data Analytics  
Dr. Chris Kachris
CEO, Co-Founder
INAccel Acceleration of Spark ML on the Cloud using container based FPGAs  
Liang Ma Politecnico Di Torino F1 Acceleration for Montecarlo: financial algorithms on FPGA  
Georgi Gaydadjiev
Director of Maxeler IoT Labs
Maxeler Technologies Financial Analytics Acceleration  
Roger Fawcett
Omnitek An FPGA CNN for Intelligent Video/Vision Systems  
Thad Omura
EVP Marketing
Scaleflux Computational Storage: Acceleration Through Intelligence & Agility  
Andrew Canis
Co-Founder and CEO
Ruolong Lian
Co-Founder and COO
LegUp Computing Accelerating Memcached on Cloud FPGAs  


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Yi Shan
Sr. Director, AI Engineering
Xilinx Xilinx Machine Learning Strategies with Deephi acquisition  
Jinxiu Liu
Director of Product Marketing
Xilinx Machine Learning for embedded deep dive  
Rob Armstrong
Senior Manager, Tools and Embedded Applications
Xilinx SDSoC, ML, and Embedded Vision  

Embedded Software

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Tony McDowell
System Software & SoC Solutions – Product and Technical Marketing
Xilinx Embedded Software Strategy & Development  
Stefano Stabellini
Principal System Software Architect
Xilinx Heterogenous Realtime SoC Software Architecture  
Jerry Wong
System Software & SoC Solutions – Product and Technical Marketing
Xilinx SoC Platform Management  
Forrest Pickett
Sr. SoC Solutions Line Manager
Xilinx Multimedia SoC System Solutions  
Phillip Burr
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Simon George
Director, System Software and SoC Solution Marketing

Bringing the Benefits of Cortex-M Processors to FPGA  
Glenn Seiner
Sr. Manager, SoC Technical Marketing - MPSoC Power, Functional Safety & Applications
Xilinx RF Solutions  with Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC  
Michaël Uyttersprot
Market Segment Manager for Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Vision
Avnet Silica AI and Computer Vision Accelerated Multi-Camera Development  
Ian Greenshields
RF & Microwave FAE
EBV System Design from Antenna to Digital with Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC  
Patrik Strömblad
Senior System Architect
ENEA High-Performance Real-Time Linux Solution for Xilinx Ultrascale+  

Hardware and Vivado

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Daniel Michek
Product Marketing Manager, HLx Design Tools
Xilinx Tips and Tricks for IP Integrator  
Frederic Rivoallon
Product Manager for SDAccel and Vivado HLS
Xilinx Vivado HLS Tips and Tricks  
Brian Lay
Vivado Product Marketing Manager
Xilinx Revision Control Methodology  
Balachander Krishnamurthy
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Timing and Methodology Guru
Xilinx Vivado Synthesis Tips & Tricks  
David Dye
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Xilinx Designing for Acceleration: Methodologies for Creating Reconfigurable Applications  
Ron Plyler
Product Marketing Manager, Physical Implementation Tools
Xilinx Timing Closure Tips and Tricks