13 Different Cryptographic Hash Functions Core


These are 13 different cryptographic hash function originally submitted to NIST hash function competition which made upto round 2. All of these cores are designed to deliver extremely high throughput of 35.7GBps with fully pipelined architecture running at 600Mhz on Ultrascale+ FPGAs. In this bundle of cores we have SHA-3, Keccak, Blake, Grostl, JH, Skein Cores that got selected for NIST round 3 and BMW, Echo, Shabal, Cubehash, Fugue and Luffa from NIST round 2. We also have Whirlpool hash function on this bundle. It is primarily targeted for extremely high throughput applications with input and output width of 512-bit while the Core can be modified for any bit-width and range of applications like Security, FinTech and Encryption/Decryption.


  • Throughput of 35.7GBps
  • Initiation interval of 1
  • Maximum clock frequency of 600MHz
  • LUT Consumption ranging from 47280 to 330960



系列 器件 速度等级 工具版本 硬件验证? LUT BRAM DSP48 CMT GTx FMAX (Mhz)
VIRTEX-UP Family XCVU13P -2 Vivado 2018.2 0 48500 0 0 0 0 600

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数据创建日期 Sep 15, 2021
当前 IP 修订号 v1.0
当前修订日期已发布 Aug 30, 2019
第一版发布日期 Aug 30, 2019

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提供集成测试台 Y
集成测试台格式 Verilog, VHDL
是否提供代码覆盖率报告? Y
是否提供功能覆盖率报告? N
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标准 FPGA 优化技术 Other Optimization Techniques
定制 FPGA 优化技术 None
所支持的综合软件工具及版本 Vivado Synthesis / 2018.2
是否执行静态时序分析? N
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所支持的仿真器 Xilinx lSim / 2018.2


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