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Unparalleled FPGA Portfolio for Aerospace and Defense

  • Largest portfolio of defense-grade devices
  • 100% full-range tested extended temperature options (up to -55-+125C)
  • Fully-leaded (Pb)/Small Form Factor ruggedized packaging and extended life-time support options
  • Maskset control and anti-counterfeiting features
  • Fail-safe Information Assurance and Anti-Tamper technology
Value Deliverables
Programmable System Integration
  • Up to 200K LCs for waveform support on Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Maximum integration of capabilities in SFF munitions
Increased System Performance
  • 6.6Gbps transceivers for real-time high BW video transport
  • 550MHz DSP48E1 slices for real-time video processing
BOM Cost Reduction
  • Device integration
  • Support for low-cost standard memories
Total Power Reduction
  • 50% less power for mobile hand held and miniature systems
  • Static and dynamic power reduction - long term autonomous missions
Accelerated Design Productivity
  • Scalable optimized architecture, comprehensive tools and IP

Leading System Solutions

Defense-grade Artix™-7Q FPGAs deliver SWaP-C optimization for small form factor systems in markets such as:

  • Wireless MILCOM
  • Commercial & Military Avionics
  • Missiles & Munitions

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