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3.1i SP2 MAP - ERROR:Pack:679 - Unable to obey design constraints (BLKNM = <block_name>)


Keywords: MAP, pack, Synopsys, FPGA Express, FPGA Compiler, II, BLKNM, HBLKNM

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
As designs are becoming extremely large, the teams designing them are also becoming
larger. Sometimes, different portions of the team synthesize their designs separately;
designs may also be synthesized under different projects. Because of this, the synthesis
tool may inadvertently assign the same BLKNM to primitives in different netlists.

Because the same BLKNM might appear on more primitives than a slice or CLB can
accommodate, this problem can cause MAP to issue errors such as:

ERROR:Pack:679 - Unable to obey design constraints (BLKNM = <block_name>)

This is not a bug.



The user can go into the different netlists and change the BLKNM value to a different value.
Remember to change this for all the same values in the same netlist.

You can also change the BLKNM attribute in the EDIF netlist to an HBLKNM attribute. To
do this, do a "Find/Replace - BLKNM->HBLKNM" for all of the BLKNMs in the netlist.
HBLKNM will append the design hierarchical name on the component, making the original
block name unique.

This problem has been fixed in FPGA Express version 3.5.


You can change all the BLKNM attributes to HBLKNM attributes. This will cause the attribute
to see only itself in its own hierarchy. Thus, two netlists which may have equal HBLKNM values
for some of the primitives will have no effect on each other.


The different designers can synthesize all the code under one project.


A variation of this error message has been seen when unconnected I/Os existed in
the user's HDL code.
AR# 10043
日期 04/20/2007
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