AR# 10053


3.1i Foundation ISE - FPGA Editor does not automatically pull in the bitgen.ut file when running BitGen from the ILA or Probes option


Keywords: FPGA Editor, ISE, bitgen.ut, download, blank

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When running the BitGen command from within the FPGA Editor, the
BitGen options field is supposed to automatically be filled in. However,
in Project Navigator, it has been seen that this field will remain blank.



In Project Navigator, the bitgen.ut file is missing; however, a file
containing the necessary information is named <design_name>.ut.
Copy this file to bitgen.ut file, and FPGA Editor will be fully functional.


If running Foundation ISE, the default command file is not called bitgen.ut, but
rather design.ut. In this case, FPGA Editor will not be able to pull in the bitgen
options from this file. To workaround this, one of the following methods can be

1) rename the design.ut to bitgen.ut and make sure that it is located in the same
directory as the NCD and PCF files

2) Specify the ut file from the command line with the following bitgen option
-f design.ut
AR# 10053
日期 01/15/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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