AR# 1010


Timsim8/PLD_DVE_BA gives "Delete operation on object failed"


Keywords: timsim8, dve, design viewpoint editor, fails

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Timsim8 may issue the following warnings while running PLD_DVE_BA:

pld_dve_ba ack
Delete operation on object /home/tony/ack/default (Eddm_ba_mgr) failed
Object /home/tony/ack/default (Eddm_ba_mgr) not accessible

These messages do not appear in the timsim8.log file.


To annotate timing information back to the original schematic, Mentor
creates a "back-annotation object" based on information returned from
XNFBA. To do this, PLD_DVE_BA (PLD Design Viewpoint Editor Back Annotate)
first tries to delete any existing back-annotation object, then generates a
new object from the XNFBA-generated .mba file and links it to the default
simulation viewpoint. The problem is that PLD_DVE_BA does not check to see
if a previous back-annotation object exists before going ahead with the
delete operation. Therefore, the delete operation will "fail" if nothing
is available to delete.

On subsequent Timsim8 runs, the messages disappear, since back-annotation
objects do exist from previous runs. These warnings do not affect timing
simulation, so you should be able to run Quicksim without any problems.
AR# 1010
日期 10/01/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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