AR# 1017


Designing with the XC5200 family using synthesis


Here are some things to look for when designing with the XC5200 family
using synthesis :


* Arithmetic logic : This uses twice as many columns as the XC4000. If
you have a counter/incrementer that is loadable,
you can get it done with one less column if you
use XBLOXGEN and instantiate the resulting XNF file.

* Clock enables : Each CLB shares a dedicated clock enable. The more
clock enables you have, the harder it is for the
placer to put things in the same CLB. This spreads
the logic out, causing more nets and routing delays.

* Asynch resets : Same story as above.

* Horizontal LL : The more TBUFs you use, the more you restrict the
router. It's harder for the router to get across the
AR# 1017
日期 10/14/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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