AR# 10236


3.1i Foundation ISE, Project Navigator - "Exit Code 0001" caused after changing constraints.


Keywords: Project Navigator, ISE, 0001, XST, VHDL

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
An "Exit Code 0001" is caused by the following sequence of steps:

1. Implement the design.
2. Open the Constraints Editor and makes a valid change to the constraints.
3. Save and Exit Constraints Editor.
4. Re-implement the design with the new constraints.



This problem is fixed in the latest 3.1i Service Pack available at: The first
service pack containing the fix is 3.1i Service Pack 6.


If Service Pack 6 has not been installed the workaround is to run XST
via command line. The following two environment variables need to be set:

set XST_EXE=c:\xilinx\bin\nt\xst.exe
set XST_HOME=c:\xilinx\data\hdlsynthesis\nt

Then, from the project directory in the DOS prompt, you can run:

xst -ifn filename.xst

At this point the design can be run through Design Manager.
AR# 10236
日期 01/15/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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