AR# 10242


3.1i, Error Viewer - Cross Probing is not working for a re-opened Synplify GUI.


General Description:

Error Navigation is working correctly, and I close the Synplify GUI. However, when

I re-open the Synplify GUI, Error Navigation no longer works. How can I make it

work again?


Make sure that you have followed all the steps described in the Error Navigation

Application Note (Xilinx XAPP 406).

If Error Navigation is still not working, close all Synplicity and Error Viewer GUIs.

Check to see if the "xprobe_server" process is still running when all the windows have

been closed. If it is, kill the process and begin Error Navigation steps.

In a PC platform:

- Press Ctrl-Alt-Del.

- Select "Xprobe_server."

- Click "End Task."

In a UNIX platform:

- Type "ps" or "top."

- See whether "xprobe_server" is listed as running process.

- Note the PID.

- Type "kill -9 <xprobe_server PID #>".
AR# 10242
日期 10/21/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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