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8.2i SP3 Install - Installation instructions for Virtex-5 LX330/LXT software support


Keywords: V5, 330, download, zip, ISE, support

In order to target Virtex-5 LX330 or Virtex-5 LXT devices in ISE 8.2i, a separate installer is needed. The minimum software version required for this update is 8.2i Service Pack 3. Additionally, this update is not supported for WebPACK users. See the solution below for detailed instructions.

NOTE: Due to the higher memory requirements of the LX330 device, it is only recommended for ISE users on Linux 64-bit.



- ISE 8.2i Service Pack 3
- ISE 8.2i Foundation, Foundation Simulator, or Foundation Eval Registration ID

Download and Installation Instructions

1. Go the the Xilinx Download Center:
2. Choose a Download Type of 'ISE Service Pack', ISE Version of '8.2i', and the appropriate Operating System
3. Click the Search button
4. On the display page, click on
5. Extract the zip file to a temporary location and run 'setup'
6. Enter your registration ID during the installation
7. Be sure to choose your ISE 8.2i SP3 installation directory
AR# 10274
日期 04/23/2008
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