AR# 10351


1.1 System Generator for DSP - Running the file in MTI causes the error: "Could not open library %XILINX%/vhdl/src/unisims/work..."


Keywords: SysGen, Mathworks, Simulink, blockset

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I have successfully run "Generate" from System Generator and am trying to
run a functional VHDL simulation using the supplied file. When I run
the .do file, I get an error similar to the following:

# ERROR: Could not open library unisim at %XILINX%/vhdl/src/unisims/work:
No such file or directory
# ERROR: C:/MATLABR11/toolbox/xilinx/sysgen/vhdl/synth_reg_w_init.vhd(14):
Library unisim not found.
# ERROR: C:/MATLABR11/toolbox/xilinx/sysgen/vhdl/synth_reg_w_init.vhd(15):
Unknown identifier: unisim


After running System Generator, a file (script for ModelSim simulator) is
generated. In this There is a line where a %XILINX% variable is listed in the generated file.
The user must edit this file and replace %XILINX% with the location of his Xilinx path.
More specifically, the user will need to give the path to both compiled XilinxCoreLib and Unisims
on his/her own machine. This issue is completely documented in the first 3 lines of comments
in the file.
AR# 10351
日期 06/22/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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