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AR# 1059

XNF Specification v6.1 is now available on FTP (including the XC7000 supplement)


Keywords: XNF, XC7000, 6.1

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Version 6.1 of the XNF Specification and the XC7000 XNF Spec
supplement are available on the Xilinx FTP site, bundled together as a
single tar'd, compressed, PostScript archive: xnfspecs_61.tar.Z.
Note that the XC7000 spec supplement applies to the XC9500 devices as well.

The information in this archive is now freely available
to anyone who requests it (as of 6/14/96).


Instructions for accessing the Xilinx XNF Specification and the
XC7000 XNF Spec supplement from the Xilinx ftp site

To access the archive, please follow these instructions:

1. FTP to "ftp.xilinx.com."

2. Log in as "anonymous," using your e-mail address as your password.

3. You should see a README file, University, applications, and
Application Note directories, among others.

4. Select the "documentation" subdirectory (or type "cd documentation" if you
are using text-based FTP).

5. Select the "xactstep6" subdirectory.

6. to obtain the archive containing both the Xilinx FPGA and CPLD XNF Specs,
select this file: xnfspecs_61.tar.Z and copy it over.

If you are using text-based FTP, use the "get" command.

To extract the archive, type the following:

- uncompress xnfspecs_61.tar.Z
- tar xvf xnfspecs_61.tar

To download the archive using Netscape Navigator:

- Type in this path in Netscape Navigator's URL window:


Netscape will issue the message,

"Warning: unrecognized encoding: x-compress".

Select "OK", then "Save File". Navigate to the
location where you want to save the file, then click on "Save" to copy
the archive over.

NOTE: When using Netscape, you must download the binary
.Z file rather than the .uu version of the archive.

The extracted files will be:

XNFspec.ps (Xilinx XNF specification), and
xnf61_7k.ps (XNF XC7000 Specification supplement).

Both are Postscript-format files that you can print for viewing.

Two Acrobat .pdf files can also be viewed directly:

xnfspec.pdf (Xilinx XNF specification), and
xnf61_7k.pdf (XNF XC7000 Specification supplement).

The Netscape path to xnfspec.pdf is:

The Netscape path to xnf61_7k.pdf is:
AR# 1059
日期 02/08/2001
状态 Archive
Type ??????