AR# 1063


Foundation - Key stops working on BAS and BSV packages


Keywords: BAS, BSV, key

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After working for some time, the Foundation 6.0.0 Project Manager will not start and
the following message appears:

Your key is not authorized for this version of software.
Contact Xilinx to obtain a new password.


If you have a BAS package (no VHDL), you can work around this error by removing
the Xilinx key from your PC before starting the Project Manager. The only time you
will need to attach the Xilinx key is when you compile an ABEL file.

If you have a BSV package, removing the key will give you access to all Foundation
tools except the VHDL compiler. To regain access to VHDL, you must call Xilinx
Customer Service to receive a new password for the programmable key.

Xilinx Customer Service
US and Canada: 1-800-624-4782
Europe: 44-1-932-349401
Japan: 81-33-297-9164
Southeast Asia/All Other Countries: 852-2410-2739
AR# 1063
日期 04/04/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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