AR# 10659


3.3i Foundation ISE Project Importer - Incorrect handling of I/O macros


Keywords: ISE, Aldec, Project Importer

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Schematic symbols (macros) such as IBUF4, IBUF8, OBUF4, OBUF8, counters, etc. appear
as icons with a red question mark ( "?") in the Sources window after a Foundation project
is imported into ISE.


Schematic programs such as Foundation Schematic make use of Schematic Macros. For
example, the IBUF4 library component is really just a macro, made up of 4 IBUFS (called
"primitives") that are connected correctly. When these are converted to VHDL, the red
question marks appear because there is no primitive called "IBUF4." However, if you
look in the directory, you will see that an IBUF4.VHD was created from the schematic
macro symbol. In this IBUF4.VHD file, you will find 4 IBUF instantiations.

In order to make the red question marks disappear and allow the project to run, you must
add the VHD files associated with these macros. To do this:

1. Select the source with the red question mark.
2. Right-click, and select "Add Source."
3. Browse until you find the file with the same name as the question-marked source.
4. Select it, and click "Open."
5. The source will now be added to the project, and the question mark should disappear.
6. You can repeat this for each question marked source, or simply use the CTRL-Click method
to select all question mark-matching sources in the "Add Source" dialog.
AR# 10659
日期 10/21/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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