AR# 10700


3.1isp6 MAP - MAP crashes, reporting "Program Abnormally Terminated"


General Description:

MAP terminates with a "Program Abnormally Terminated" message and a Dr. Watson error. (MAP works successfully when a UCF file is not used.)


To avoid this problem, implement without using timing constraints.

Check the structure of the TIMEGRPS. If a superset TIMEGRP modifies another TIMEGRPS TIMESPEC (such as a period constraint), the tools may not interpret this correctly.

Be sure that all elements of the new TIMEGRP also exist in the TIMEGRP that it is modifying. You may also consider using timing ignores (TIGs) to ease the run-time burden.

This problem was fixed in 3.1i service packs. (Service packs are available at:
AR# 10700
日期 03/08/2012
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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