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Timsim8: "return code 1" from segmentation fault under Solaris


Keywords: timsim8, error, return code, seg fault, solaris

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General Description:

Under Solaris 2.4 and above, Timsim8 may fail with the following:

lca2xnf -wg b328i b328i_timaka
mv -f b328i_timaka.xnf b328i_tim.xnf
xnfba b328i.xff b328i_tim.xnf -m
nawk -f /xact/com/sparc/mbapp.nawk -v > b328i_tim.mbb
mv -f b328i_tim.mbb
pld_dve_ba b328i
>> Segmentation Fault
Errors found while running pld_dve_ba.
Check timsim8.log and files.
Timsim8 ended with return code 1

(Note: The timsim8.log file gives no indication of a segmentation fault.)

The segmentation fault is caused by improper library calls in Mentor's main
design-management shell. This program is used by Mentor's file-management
commands to determine file types, hard path names, etc. PLD_DVE_BA, and
thus Timsim8, uses a Mentor file-management command called delete_object,
which in turn calls ddms_sh, the central design-management shell.

The improper library calls exist because ddms_sh was written for Solaris
2.3, and not Solaris 2.4 or 2.5.


The ddms_sh program may be updated to run under Solaris 2.4 and 2.5 with
Patch 251, available on Mentor Graphics' FTP site at
( The patch comes in three parts, a read-me file,
installation instructions, and the actual DDMS program:
AR# 1074
日期 10/01/2008
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