AR# 1076


Quicksim II: Obsolete-library RAMs and ROMs output X's in XACT 5.2


Keywords: simulation, RAM, ROM, models

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

RAMs and ROMs from the obsolete library may not simulate correctly in
Quicksim using the XACT 5.2 software. In Quicksim, they output X's.

The core RAM and ROM simulation models (under $LCA/gen_lib) were modified
in XACT 5.2 so that the Unified-library memory elements more closely
emulated their real-world counterparts in chip-reset situations. This,
however, made them incompatible with the obsolete-library elements.


To fix this, copy or link to the XACT 5.1.1 version of the $LCA/gen_lib
directory into the XACT 5.2 directory. Be sure to keep the XACT 5.2 copy
of the gen_lib directory backed up, as this library should be used with the
XACT 5.2 Unified libraries.

For example, let's assume you have the following directory trees:

/tools/xactmen/511/gen_lib (XACT 5.1.1)
/tools/xactmen/520/gen_lib (XACT 5.2.0)

You would then link:

mv /tools/xactmen/520/gen_lib /tools/xactmen/520/gen_lib_520
ln -s /tools/xactmen/511/gen_lib /tools/xactmen/520/gen_lib

Quicksim should now run properly. (No recompilation is required.)
AR# 1076
日期 05/24/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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