AR# 10776


1.0 JDRIVE - Error: "Data file is empty. Aborted!"


General Description: 

When attempting to perform an operation on a device with JDRIVE, the following  

error message is returned: 


...Data file is empty. 

Aborted !


This error message indicates that the .isc file does not contain any valid information.  

The file size will probably not exceed 0Kb 


A possible cause of this problem is using the wrong XGEN1532 flag to specify the 

input design file. If the wrong input file flag is specified when running the XGEN1532 

file conversion utility, the .isc file will contain no information.  


For example, if the -m flag is used to specify the .bit file for an FPGA (instead of -b,  

the correct flag in this case), XGEN1532 will not pick up the .bit file.  


The following syntax is WRONG, and will cause this error: 


%XGEN1532% -m file.bit -a virtex -p <device_pkg> -o <output.isc> 

%XGEN1532% -b file.mcs -a xc1800 -p <device_pkg> -o <output.isc> 

%XGEN1532% -b file.jed -a xc9500xl -o <output.isc> 


The correct syntax for the above examples is: 


%XGEN1532% -b file.bit -a virtex -p <device_pkg> -o <output.isc> 

%XGEN1532% -m file.mcs -a xc1800 -p <device_pkg> -o <output.isc> 

%XGEN1532% -j file.jed -a xc9500xl -o <output.isc>

AR# 10776
日期 05/14/2014
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