AR# 10778


1.0 JDRIVE - "...Error - only 1 action is allowed and 2 are defined. Aborted."


General Description: 

When attempting to program multiple devices at the same time, JDRIVE returns  

the following error message: 


...Error - only 1 action is allowed and 2 are defined. 



JDRIVE cannot program multiple devices in the same run. Only one device may  

be programmed at a time, with the others in bypass.  


To resolve this problem, create a new .cmd file with the correct commands. 



2 Virtex devices in the same chain. 


CORRECT command file: 


device2 -b"xcv100_pq240_1532.bsd" -a "program" -d"xcv100_pq240.isc"; 

device1 -i5; 


INCORRECT command file: 


device2 -b"xcv100_pq240_1532.bsd" -a "program" -d"xcv100_pq240.isc"; 

device1 -b"xcv100_pq240_1532.bsd" -a "program" -d"xcv100_pq240.isc";

AR# 10778
日期 05/14/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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