AR# 10779


3.1i CORE Generator - An error reports that "No plug-in is found for key sim"


Keywords: COREGen, UNIX, plug-in, plugin

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After I install IP_UPDATE2, the following error messages are reported when I run CORE Generator:

Loading user preferences...
Creating Coregen.log file...
Initializing CORE IP Library...
Loading library of available cores...
Initializing default project...
Loading plug-ins...
Initializing GUI...
ERROR: No plug-in found for key sim.
ERROR: Unable to obtain customizer for core: Binary_Counter

I am unable to generate any cores.



Check the CORE Generator program files in $XILINX/COREGEN/; you will likely see that you do not have a plug-ins directory.($XILINX/COREGEN/plugins)

Re-install the Xilinx software from the CD, and install the latest IP Update. Do not install 4.1i IP updates onto 3.1i software; only use 3.1i IP Updates with 3.1i software and 4.1i updates with 4.1i software.


If you install an IP Update using the updates installer if there is a MY_XILINX environment variable on your machine. If you used the updates installer with the MY_XILINX envronment variable setup then you need to remove the variable and reinstall.
AR# 10779
日期 06/14/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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