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Virtex/Virtex-II - What are recommended memory (RAM) requirements for Emerald devices ?


General Description:

What are the memory requirements for Emerald, especially as respects

the larger devices like Virtex-E & Virtex-II?


These are preliminary Emerald Memory Requirements based on

some actual test cases. Testing will be ongoing so these requirements

will be updated as it comes closer to Release.

These figures last updated 3/26/01.


XPLA3, XPLA4 (CoolRunner)

XC4000E/L, EX, XL, XLA 64 MB (128MB for NT W2000)

XC4000 through XC4036

Spartan, SpartanXL All devices

XC4036XL through XC4062XL

XC4036XLA through XC4085XLA

XC40110XV, XC40150XV

Virtex XCV50 through XCV300

Spartan-II XC2S15 through XC2S200 128MB (192MB for NT W2000)

Spartan-IIe xx50 through xx300

Virtex-II XC2V40 through XC2V250

XC40200XV, XC40250XV

Virtex XCV400, XCV600 256 MB

Virtex E XCV400E

Virtex-II XC2V500

Virtex XCV800, XCV1000

Virtex E XCV600E 512 MB

Virtex-II XC2V1000

VirtexE XCV1000E, XCV2000E 1GB

Virtex-II XC2V1500

VirtexE XCV2600E, XCV3200E

Virtex-II XC2V2000, through XCV2V4000 1.5GB

Virtex-II XC2V6000 2GB

Virtex-II XC2V8000 2.5GB

Virtex-II XC2V10000 3GB

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