AR# 10856


4.1i Install - The REG ID number does not fit into the allotted space using the Windows 2000 OS


When I attempt to install Foundation ISE 4.1i or 5.1i on a system running the Windows 2000 operating system, the registration ID does not fit into the Dialog Box's allotted space.


This problem is caused by non-standard font settings.

To correct the font settings, right-click on the desktop and go into "Properties." Then:

1. Click on the Settings tab;

2. Go to the Advanced option;

3. In the Font Size section, change the number to 75%;

4. Restart the computer.

Once this process is completed, perform the installation process again; the registration ID should now fit inside the "Registration ID" space.
AR# 10856
日期 07/12/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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