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1.0.1 System Generator for DSP - FIR model does not function, gives error: "No static Java method 'getResultWidth' found for Java class 'com.xilinx.ip..."


Keywords: System Generator, FIR, Java, error

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am using Matlab R11 with System Generator v1.0.1. When I run a design that includes the
FIR block in System Generator v1.0.1, I encounter the following error in the Matlab console:

??? Error using ==> java_method
No static Java method 'getResultWidth' found for Java class

Other error messages reporting an FIR block failure may appear in the Simulink error window.


The problem is that System Generator v1.0.1 relies on DA_FIR_V4, which is delivered in
(CORE Generator) IP Update #2. In order to use the DA_FIR_V4 in System Generator,
you must install this update.

Download IP Update #2 from:

For instructions on how to install the update, please see the 3.2i IP Update #2a "Installation
Instructions & Release Notes" at the above URL.

After this is done, re-open Matlab/Simulink and run your System Generator model; the problem
will be fixed.
AR# 10927
日期 06/22/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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