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Xchecker Cable: Can the Xchecker cable be used to program via JTAG Programming? Where is TDO?


Keywords: xchecker, 9500, 5v, 3.3v, vccio, adapter, convertor

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General Description:

Can the Xchecker serial cable by used to program an XC9500
CPLD, instead of using the EZTAG cable? Can the xchecker read
TDO values if it is powered by a 3.3V supply?



The Xchecker cable may be used to program an XC9500 CPLD.

The connections needed to program a 9500 device are the
following JTAG pins: TDI, TMS, TCK, and TDO.

The Xchecker cable has 3 of these 4 pins -- TDI, TMS, and TCK.
There is no connector labeled TDO on the Xchecker cable. Use
the RD connector instead.

As the Xchecker cable is a serial cable, the programming will
be slower than that of the EZTAG cable, which is a parallel cable.


0 Vcc to board Vcc
0 Gnd to board Ground
0 TDI to TDI
0 TMS to TMS
0 RD to TDO
0 TCK to TCK


There are two ways of using the xcheker cable in a 3.3V

1. Use the xchecker 3.3V adapter, or

2. Use a 5V supply to power the xchecker and a 3.3V system
supply and connect the GROUNDS.
AR# 1095
日期 09/27/2008
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