AR# 10963


BSDL - XC18V00: An HP3070 tester error reports "Length of register must be between 1 and 25000!" for an 18V00 BSDL


When I attempt to compile an XC18V00 BSDL file with an HP3070 in-circuit tester, the following error message is reported: 


"Length of register must be between 1 and 25000!"


The problem relates to the HP3070 test equipment: the HP3070 has an arbitrary register length limit of 25000. The 18V00 PROM devices require a much larger register length for the user array. 


The test that causes this error is typically used as a sanity check on the BSDL file; it is not required to perform Boundary Scan tests. Our recommendation is to skip the test that causes this error. 


Alternatively, you can modify the 18V00 BSDL file to allow it to pass through the test: 


The following line causes the problem: 


"DATA1[524288] ( FVFY1, FBLANK0 ),"& 


If you reduce the number to "25000", the file will compile: 


"DATA1[25000] ( FVFY1, FBLANK0 ),"&

AR# 10963
日期 05/14/2014
状态 Archive
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