AR# 10978


Xilinx Mentor Interface - Trying to start pld_* leads to "Error: Unable to evaluate expression Error: $strcat undefined at line 1"


Whenever I try to start any pld_* program (such as pld_dmgr or pld_quicksim) using the Xilinx Mentor Interface, I encounter the following error: 


// Error: Unable to evaluate expression (from: DDMS /EDDM/EDDM General 30)  

Note: Suspended at line 1 (from: Uims/Ample/Ample_eval 0B) Error: $strcat undefined 

at line 1 (from: Usims/Ample/Ample_eval 0A) Error: Unable to resolve expression symbol 

$strcat (from: DDMS/EDDM/EDDM general 31)


Verify that you have the environment variable called AMPLE_PATH set. If so, see if $XILINX/mentor/data is in the path. If it is, please remove this reference; or, you can unset the variable by doing the following: 


unsetenv $AMPLE_PATH 


This should allow pld_* programs to start up as expected.

AR# 10978
日期 02/26/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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