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1.x System Generator for DSP - FIR model gives error: "No class com.xilinx.ip. da_fir_v4_0.C_DA_FIR_UTILITIES_V4_0 can be located on Java class path"


Keywords: System Generator, FIR, Java, error, no class com.xilinx

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General Description:
I am using Matlab R12 with System Generator v1.0.1 or v1.1. When I run a design that includes the
FIR block in System Generator, I encounter the following error in the Matlab console:

??? Error using ==> java_method
No class com.xilinx.ip.da_fir_v4_0.C_DA_FIR_UTILITIES_V4_0 can be
located on Java class path.

Other error messages reporting a FIR block failure may occur in the Simulink error window.


The problem is that System Generator v1.x relies on DA_FIR_V4, which is delivered in (CORE
Generator) IP Update #2 or later. In order to use the DA_FIR_V4 in System Generator, you must
install IP Update #2 or later.

Download the latest IP update from:

For instructions on how to install the update, please see the 3.2i IP Update Installation
Instructions & Release Notes" at the above URL.

After this is done, re-open Matlab/Simulink and run your System Generator model; the
problem will be fixed.
AR# 10981
日期 06/22/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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