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4.1i Licensing - In the FLEXlm license manager, a dialog window appears that asks for the license location: "Error at Create Dialog"


Keywords: FPGA Express, FLEXlm, license, create, dialog, floating, server

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General Description:
I am working on a Foundation HDL project (Aldec or ISE), and a FLEXlm license manager error window appears, asking for the license location. What should I do?


If you have a Node-Locked License, specify the location of the license; this should keep you from seeing this dialog window again.

For more information on how to specify this location, please see (Xilinx Answer 5330).

If you are trying to specify the location of a license server for a Floating License (for example, "port@computer_name"), then you will eventually encounter a window from the FLEXlm license manager stating:

"Error at Create Dialog."

This has been seen on systems using Windows 98, NT and 2000. To work around this problem, set the environment variable as follows:


where "port" represents the port number in the TCP protocol from which the server communicates the license. "Computer_name" is the name of the license server on which the Floating License resides.

The xilinxd_LICENSE_FILE variable is set in the same way as the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable on the appropriate Windows platform.

However, it is mandatory that the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable is also set appropriately.

AR# 10997
日期 08/07/2003
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