AR# 1101


Men2XNF8/ENWrite error: "Pin does not map to a net in model" due to incorrect COMPMC16 macro


Keywords: men2xnf8, enwrite, compmc16

Urgency: Standard

While processing an XC5200 design in which the COMPMC16 macro is used,
Men2XNF8 may halt in ENWrite with the following:

// Error: Pin B(8) (P$26) of instance /PH, part $LCA/xc5200/compmc16/part,
model $LCA/xc5200/compmc16/schematic does not map to a net in model (from:
DDMS/EDDM/EDDM Connectivity 15)

The error message applies to pins A(8)-A(15) and B(8)-B(15).

This is caused by mislabeled busses in the COMPMC16 macro in the XC5200
library. The bus ports on the COMPMC16 symbol are labeled A(15:0) and
B(15:0), but the underlying busses are labeled A(7:0) and B(7:0). Also,
the two busses are bus-ripped improperly in the underlying schematic.


A corrected version of COMPMC16 is available:

(Xilinx File

This is a compressed TAR file that needs to be extracted in the $LCA/xc5200
AR# 1101
日期 10/01/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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