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Xtreme DSP Install Instructions - When installing System Generator, do I need to perform Step 4 before Step 3?


When installing the Xtreme DSP kit, the installation instructions state the following: 


Step 3: Install the Xilinx System Generator Development tools. 


Step 4: Select and Install a Synthesis tool from Mentor or Synplicity. 

(FPGA Advantage or Synplify) 


However, the specific instructions for System Generator state the following: 


Software Dependencies 


Following is a list of product dependencies for the System Generator. You must have the following software installed on your computer before you can install the System Generator: 


MATLAB R12 from The MathWorks (Install Step 2)  

Simulink v3.0 from The MathWorks (Install Step 2)  

The Xilinx Foundation ISE Design Tools (Install Step 1)  

The Xilinx IP update #2 (Found on ISE CD) Follow the ISE installation instructions  

Synplify 6.1 from Synplicity (Install Step 4)  

FPGA Advantage 4.0 from Mentor (Install Step 4)  

ModelSim - MXE (Xilinx only ModelSim) on Foundation ISE CD or part of the FPGA Advantage tools  


In this synthesis tool installation, is FPGA Advantage or Synplify needed before I install System Generator? Should I perform Step 4 prior to Step 3?


The steps enumerated for the installation are correct: perform Step 3 followed by Step 4. The software dependencies for System Generator are misleading; it is not necessary to have a synthesis tool installed prior to installing System Generator. However, a synthesis tool is necessary to run the System Generator flow. Consequently, once you have completed Step 3, continue on with Step 4.

AR# 11014
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