AR# 11123


3.1i Virtex-E MAP - MAP crashes after printing message "Running directed packing..." (Solaris)


Keywords: MAP, Solaris, WorkStation, workstation, crash, core dump

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General Description:
Cases have been seen where MAP crashes after printing the message,
"Running directed packing...". This is a Solaris-only crash that occurs when
the packer is printing a valid error message regarding standard I/O components
being LOC'd to GCLKIOB sites.

NOTE: This problem also affects Virtex and Spartan-II parts.

On PCs, the valid error message is correctly displayed:

ERROR:Pack:683 - Unable to pack the following symbols concurrently into an
empty I/O component:
PAD symbol "fcs1_rx_clk.PAD" (Pad Signal = fcs1_rx_clk)
BUF symbol "fcs1_rx_clk_ibuf" (Output Signal = fcs1_rx_clk_c)
The symbol fcs1_rx_clk.PAD has a constraint (LOC=(null)) that specifies an
illegal physical site for the component. Please correct the constraint value.


This problem will be fixed in 3.1i Service Pack 8, which is currently scheduled for
release in April 1, 2001.
AR# 11123
日期 08/19/2002
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