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OrCAD - Who provides the Xilinx component libraries and symbols?


General Description:

Who provides the libraries and symbols for OrCAD Express and OrCAD Capture?


All of the Xilinx component libraries for OrCAD Express and OrCAD Capture are provided by OrCAD (now owned by Cadence).

To contact Cadence Customer Support:

You can receive customer support online at:,

In North America, you can call the Customer Support Hotline at 877-CDS-4911 (open weekdays).

The hotline is for registered users only; please have your registration number ready when you call.

For support by e-mail, write to:

Please include a valid product registration number in the Subject field of the e-mail header.

Outside North America, contact your local Value-Added Reseller (VAR) at:

OrCAD Capture 9.2x includes an option for creating a part symbol file from a design. This option allows you to select the ".pad" or ".pin" file and create a new part or update an existing part. You can also use it to add additional pins that are not yet in your design.

To access this option:

1. Select the ".dsn" in the Capture project file view.

2. Select Tools -> Generate Part...
AR# 11286
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