AR# 11290


Power Estimator 1.5 - WorkSheet doesn't work on the French version of Windows NT


General Description:  

When trying to use the Power Estimator V1.5 Workbook on a PC running on Windows NT  

with Service Pack 6, the Excel Program displays the following error message: 


" Impossible d'ouvrir ce classeur car il est protege par un mot de passe avec une methode  

de dechiffrement qui n'est pas disponible dans ce pays. Demandez une version non protegee 

(c.-a-d. sans mot de passe) a l'auteur du classeur." 


In English, this means: "It is impossible to open this workbook, because it is protected by a  

password encrypted in a method that is not available in this country. Ask for a non-protected  

version from the author of this workbook."


To solve this problem, Change the Regional settings from French to English. To do this,  

open the Control Panel, select "Regional Setting," then select "English." Then, reboot  

the PC, and you will be able to use the Power Estimator 1.5.

AR# 11290
日期 06/03/2013
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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