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4.2i Foundation Schematic Editor - How do I create an HDL macro creation in a Schematic top-level project?


Keywords: HDL, Schematic, macro

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General Description:
How do I create an HDL schematic symbol in a Schematic top-level project?


The steps to create HDL macros in a Schematic top-level project are as follows:

1. Open a Schematic sheet.

2. From the toolbar, select Tools -> Symbol Wizard. Select the contents of the symbol: HDL ->select the language and ports. Then, select "Next".

3. The symbol is now available in the schematic library.

4. Use the Hierarchical Push-Pop button and double-click on the symbol. The HDL page will open.

5. Edit your file.

NOTE: For an existing HDL file, create a dummy file with the wizard and then replace with the existing file.

6. To realize the synthesis and update the symbol port, select Synthesis -> Check Syntax, or directly select Project -> Update Macro.
AR# 11314
日期 08/11/2003
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