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AR# 1134

FLOORPLANNER-XACT: Unable to invoke the floorplanner from the Design Manager


Keywords: Launch, Floorplanner, Xact

Urgency: Low

Description: Not able launch floorplanner from Design Manager v6.0.1.

fplan [6.0.1] -- Xilinx Automatic CAE Tools
Copyright (c) 1996 Xilinx Inc. All Rights Reserved.
*** ---------------------------------------------------
*** The parameter file contains parameter assignment errors:
*** Unknown parameter name: c=\project\design\xproject\v1_0\rev1\xlut
*** ---------------------------------------------------
*** Execution cannot continue until this error is fixed
*** fplan was terminated with a Fatal Error status



This happens when the path is too long and get trimmed
in the parameter file.

The workaround is to open the flooplanner outside of
the Design Manager. In order to do that, a new icon has
to be created for the floorplanner using the fplan.exe
executable which is in the c:\xact directory.


Another workaround for xc3000 and xc3000a designs is to
replace the xc3000.bos and xc3000a.bos files found in the
$XACT\data directory with the 6.0.0 versions of those files,
found on the 6.0.0 CD under xact\data.

This workaround is not preferred as it has not been fully
AR# 1134
日期 05/24/1999
状态 Archive
Type ??????