AR# 11379


1.1 System Generator for DSP - "Locked File Detected" window appears when I uninstall a previous version


Keywords: System Generator, SysGen, install, remove, setup

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I have System Generator v1.0.1 already installed on my system, and I am now installing v1.1. After running "Setup," I choose the option to uninstall the previous version. When I do this I, a pop-up window titled "Locked File Detected" appears and reports the following message:

"An option you selected requires that files be installed to or uninstalled from your system, or both. A locked file, c:\mathworks\nt\toolbox\xilinx\sysgen\bin\sysgen.jar, was found while performing the needed file operations. To leave this file as it is on your system, click the Ignore button; to retry the file operation, click Retry; or to perform the operation when your system is rebooted, click Reboot."

Which option should I choose?


This message can safely be ignored, as the correct sysgen.jar file will be installed.

Choose the "Ignore" option to finish the un-installation; you can then proceed with the installation of the new version.
AR# 11379
日期 06/22/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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