AR# 11421


3.1i SP7/SP8 Virtex PAR - Timing score diverges on a V2000 design


Keywords: score, router, routing, timing, diverge, worse

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The timing score diverges during routing and gets worse from one iteration to the next.

This problem was introduced by a PWR/GND routing change in Service Pack 7, and is described in (Xilinx Answer 10867).

NOTE: This issue affects the Virtex, Virtex-E and Spartan-II device architectures.



This problem will be fixed in the 4.1i release, which is currently scheduled for August, 2001. The 4.1i fix will resolve both this issue and the problem described in (Xilinx Answer 10867).


A tactical patch is available for use with 3.1i Service Pack 8:



To install, unzip/untar in the XILINX installation directory while maintaining the directory structure.

NOTE: Use of this patch may re-introduce the problem described in (Xilinx Answer 10867); the design contains unrouted PWR/GND nets with no loads after PAR is completed. Please see this Answer Record for information on how to work around this issue.
AR# 11421
日期 10/22/2008
状态 Archive
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