AR# 11444


3.1i Design Manager - When using VNC to log on, I encounter: "Wind/U Warning (213): Palette mode is only supported in 8-bit pseudo-color"


Keywords: VNC, vnc, Wind/U, palette, Design Manager

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When using VNC (a Windows graphical remote client) to log on to a UNIX VNC server, the colors shown in the Design Manager are all black, and the following messages appear:

Wind/U Warning (213): Palette mode is only supported in 8-bit pseudo-color
Wind/U Warning (216): Switched from palette mode to non-palette mode automatically.
X Server Error, Message reported is: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)


This occurs because the UNIX server defaults to the 8-bit palette mode, then tries to switch to the 8-bit non-palette mode; neither mode can correctly display the Design Manger.

To avoid this problem, start the server on the host; then, use the -depth <depth> option to change the color depth so that it is compatible with Design Manager.

With a Solaris machine as the server and Window NT machine as the client, use:
vncserver -depth 24

Then connect to the server as usual.
AR# 11444
日期 07/31/2002
状态 Archive
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