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Cable - What port standard should be used with the Parallel Cable III? (Bidirectional, ECP, or EPP?)


There is more than one type of BIOS setting for the parallel port on PCs. What is the best setting to use for the Parallel Cable III?


The Parallel Cable III is designed for the Bidirectional BIOS setting. Though other settings have been known to work, we recommend that the parallel port be set to "bidirectional." 


Setting the parallel port


Access to the BIOS varies, depending on the computer you are using. Generally, you can access the BIOS by rebooting your computer and watching for a prompt before Windows begins to load; this prompt will direct you to the setup screen. 

(For example, you might see "F2 = SETUP" appear in the top right corner, or "DEL to enter setup" along the bottom of your screen.)  


(If the BIOS screen is not appearing, contact your PC's manufacturer.)

Once you enter Setup, browse to the "Parallel port field" using the arrow keys. Follow the directions on the screen to change the value to "Bidirectional," save your changes, and exit.

AR# 11505
日期 02/06/2018
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