AR# 1155


Foundation: Pins on Abel symbol not matched to any signal in <abel_file>.xnf


If a schematic design has an ABEL module in it, you may see
problems indicating that the Symbols' pins do not match any
signals in the underlying XNF file.

This can be evidenced either by:

XNFMERGE Warning 285: Pin OUT<1> on symbol U1 (in file
<design>.xnf) not matched to any signal in file


Z's on the outputs of the macro during simulation.



The symbol needs to have BOTH of the following attributes:


Double-click on the symbol to see which attributes it has.
If either of these is missing, add it in the Parameters
section as follows:

Name: $FILE (or $DEF)
Description: <abel_file>.abl (or ABEL)

Then click ADD.


The other cause of this problem is due to pin names on the
ABEL macro containing lowercase characters.

See also (Xilinx Solution 939).
AR# 1155
日期 03/03/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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