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AR# 11591

4.1i CORE Generator - "ERROR: Failure to create .SYM symbol file." and "ERROR: Elaboration failure for core [corename]"


Keywords: DIP3, E_IP1, COREGen, Elaboration, failure, Multiplier, Virtex-II, .sym, .asy, symbol,

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I use 4.1i CORE Generator in stand-alone mode, the following error message is reported when I generate a core:

"CORE Generator Warning:
Not all output products were generated successfully. Please check the console or coregen.log for details. OK"

If I look carefully at the COREGen GUI console window, I see the following:

"Generating the .ASY symbol file...
WARNING: Not all output products were generated successfully. Please check the console or coregen.log for details.
Generating ISE symbol file...
ERROR: User has selected the Foundation iSE flow. Current project is not a valid iSE project. ISE symbol file has not been generated.
ERROR: Did not generate ISE symbol file for core <my_mult>.
WARNING: Warnings and/or errors encountered while generating my_mult (Multiplier 4.0) All output products requested may not have been generated.
ERROR: Elaboration failure for core Multiplier
ERROR: Elaboration of core Multiplier failed."

Despite the error messages above, the correct EDIF file is produced in the project directory. However, no XCO and SYM files are created.


This occurs when the Flow Vendor is set to "ISE" or "Foundation" but you are not working with either of these two project types. (By default, CORE Generator selects "ISE".)

Regardless of the error message, all other needed files are generated correctly. The only files that are not generated are the ISE and Foundation symbol (.sym) file and the core parameter (.xco) file. If you need these files, set your project to be a valid ISE or Foundation project.

If you are working on an ISE or Foundation project and do not need an .xco file, you may safely ignore these error and warning messages. If you would like to suppress the messages, set your Flow Vendor to something other than ISE or Foundation. (This setting is in the CORE Generator "Project Option" menu.)
AR# 11591
日期 09/11/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章